Crawfish & France 冠军!!

This morning and afternoon were pretty chill. I woke up at around 9:00 and had breakfast around 10. My host grandma noticed that I didn’t really like the breakfast that she bought, which was some tofu soup and a ham sandwich, so she fixed up some soup for me really quickly. It was light in flavor, but I liked it and appreciated the gesture.  After … Continue reading Crawfish & France 冠军!!

鲁迅,多伦路,and Awful Food

This morning went the same as usual: breakfast, bus to school, 4 hours of class, lunch.  But after lunch, our class planned a party! So everyone brought food and drinks, and I prepared a rap specially made for our class. I suck at singing or rapping or anything vocal, so it was bad, but it was funny. We played some Chinese games during the party … Continue reading 鲁迅,多伦路,and Awful Food

Host Families!!

post from Sunday, July 8, 2018 This morning I had the luxury of “sleeping in.” Sleeping in here means sleeping until 8, which is a rare occurance as an exchange student. After, I ate breakfast which was a Shanghai special: Jianbing. We also were serviced this delicious cinnamon bun type thing; it was so incredibly good.  After breakfast, we had to pack up and leave … Continue reading Host Families!!